ACTB is CRICOS registered and welcomes students from all over the world.

A story….

A young boy was orphaned at the age of four.  Oppressed by the family he was left with, he ran away from home.  Alone, homeless, under the street lights of a small city in northern India, he managed to study medicine.  He pulled a rickshaw during the day to make a living and studied at night on the streets.  He helped other homeless children to do the same. One day he was hospitalised and he happened to lie on a bed next to a family man, whose wife and daughters visited him at the hospital every day.  This family noticed that for nearly a month, no one had ever visited the young man on the bed next to them. They befriended him.  The young man eventually got married to the  older daughter.  He worked incredibly hard and became successful over the years.  They had  four children.  The children were brought up in priviliged circumstances as their father had done all the hard work over the years to give then a childhood and education far different from his own.  The children remember sitting in awe, watching their father practice at his clinic and give away endless free consults and medicine to people who could not afford to pay.   From nothing, this young man had made a beautiful home for his wife and his four children. He died twenty years ago at the age of 59.  His wife died within three months after him, at the age of 49.


This is the story of my father.


His children, my older brother became a surgeon, one of my younger brothers works as a dermatologist and his twin is a psychiatrist.  I run my own College- ACTB.  We believe that we are who we are today because of the education and values that our dad instilled in us.   These scholarships are to support young people who wish to study, but cannot afford to do so because of their socio-economic circumstances.


We hope the scholarships can help in some way to shape the future of some young people.

Scholarship details


At this stage we are able to offer 5 scholarships per year:


  •  Diploma of Business/ Management
  •  Advanced Diploma of Management


A brief criteria for scholarship offers


  • Australian citizen/ PR
  • Living in Brisbane
  • Age group 18-30
  • Strong desire to undertake study
  • Completed at least Year 10
  • Highly motivated
  • Genuinely unable to support their education
  • Genuinely disadvantaged