Corporate Training

ACTB is CRICOS registered and welcomes students from all over the world.

Welcome to the corporate training division of Australian College of Technology and Business

Australian College of Technology and Business (ACTB), offers unique training programs through our corporate training division- Business Class

Our professional development programs are innovative, fresh and challenging.  The programs are based on extensive research, an-depth study of the most successful people in their respective fields and our own professional experience across a range of industries.

Our training programs are designed to challenge you from inside-out and inspire you to analyse and transform any beliefs, emotions and actions that may be impacting on your ability to achieve incredible success for yourself and your organisation.

We believe that the human mind has the potential to achieve anything it sets out to  pursue with single-minded determination.  We believe that each one of us is capable of excellence and high achievement in any area that we wish to improve, be it our personal relationships or our professional life, our health, happiness or our financial position.

We hope our unique training programs will inspire you to achieve your true potential and create greater self-awareness, goal-clarity and an action plan for a happier, more-productive and fulfilled life.  We also hope our program will equip you with practical ideas and tips to help you and your organisation achieve an extra million dollars in revenue, if that is your goal for next year.

With the above goals in mind, we offer the following three types of professional development programs:


ACTB offers you an exciting opportunity to gain skills in core areas of management. You can choose to study the following subjects online at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.

  • OPTION A: If you just want to study the unit for your own professional development, you can simply study the unit online. You will not need to complete any assessments. You will NOT be awarded any nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the unit.
  • OPTION B:  If you want to attain a nationally recognised unit of competency, you can complete all the required assessments for the unit.  You will be awarded the nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the unit of competency that you complete satisfactorily.
Fees for Corporate Training/ Professional Development Online
(No Statement of Attainment issued)
Fees for Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency (Statement of Attainment will be issued after successful completion of assessments)
Manage organisational change
Provide leadership across the organisation
Develop and implement strategic plans
Manage finances
Manage knowledge and information
Develop and implement strategies for intellectual property management
Develop and implement a business plan
Develop a marketing plan
Manage risk
Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
Develop an advertising campaign
Manage market research
Develop a marketing plan
Plus $220 Enrolment Fee (once only)
*You can attend timetabled classes (optional) at no extra cost. Please contact us if you wish to attend classes.


ACTB offers two types of soft skill courses for corporate clients.

Soft Skills (Online)

  • Creative Problem Solving ($150)
  • Conflict Resolution ($175)
  • Communication strategies ($200)
  • Customer Service ($225)
  • Teamwork and team building ($250)
  • Sales Fundamentals ($275)
  • Supervising others ($375)
  • Motivating employees ($400)
  • ALL THE ABOVE ($2,050)


*Optional workshops are available at ACTB at no extra charge subject to minimum participants on the scheduled dates

*Workshops can be delivered at your site for an additional fee of $400 per course

Soft Skills (Specialised Workshops)

ACTB,in partnership with the National Centre for Training and Development (NCTD) offers unique, research based professsional development training for managers in some of the most challenging areas of management in the 21st century.


We have used our cumulative 50 years experience in the education and training industry to distill three distinct areas for specialised corporate training, each of which we believe is uniquely important for high performance outcomes for individuals and organisations.

  • The Psychology of Selling and High Performance
  • Management Essentials
  • Dealing with difficult people and toxic work environments


  • BSB51915   Diploma of Leadership & Management ($2,995)
  • BSB50215  Diploma of Business  ($2,995)
  • Dual Diploma of Business/ Management ($3,995)
  • BSB61015  Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management ($3,995)
  • BSB60215  Advanced Diploma of Business ($3,995)

You need to undertake study and complete assessments for the above courses. The above fees is for online courses. If you wish to attend classes, an additional fee of $550 is payable.

If you require part of the nationally recognised training/ assessment to be delivered at your offices, an additional charge of $400 pp per qualification will be applicable.

What are the benefits?

We believe you may be interested in offering your staff opportunities for up skilling in the above areas as the benefits to your staff and your organisation can be quite significant.


Our training programs can result in the following benefits for you and your organisation:


  • Positive work environment
  • Increased productivity
  • High morale
  • Significantly improved performance
  • Staff retention
  • Highly skilled workforce can be a sustained competitive advantage
  • Sustained value for low-cost investment
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Increased profits

Have a coffee on us

Please browse through the detailed programs and should any aspect of the training grab your interest, allow us to discuss the details with you over a cup of coffee.  No strings attached.  If it is not your cup of tea, we will have at least made a new acquaintance.


We can be contacted any time on 61 7 3852 6967